I came back yesterday evening from the  firs trip for nearly 8 months. All I can say is, my bum is sore from sitting in the car for 9 hours (yes, I do stop every 2 hours and get out of the car), and obviously need some training . 😆

Despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed to be out there and meet horses and their humans, some I have not seen for a long time and some I met for the first time. 

The trip was finished off with a Riding Workshop, with my ‘Jurassic Team’. These guys have done the remedial workshop with me, and now follow it up with riding sessions. I used to find ‘teaching’ difficult, but Carol Brett and Lesley Taylor showed me a way many years ago, and it is more about sharing knowledge/information between me, the horse and the rider. 

Words can mean different to different people, something worth remembering if a student ‘don’t get it’.  It is more likely that I have used words or described something in a way that does not make sense to the student. So I have to use another way or another set of words. And, you can say the students are teachers, and the teachers are students………a win win situation. 

It was a short trip this time, not only because I was delayed one day, but I also needed to be home on a certain date. There are a lot of more trips coming up, and in 10 days I will be fully fit to travel within Europe. So now it is just to sit down at the desk and plan ahead. 

But first, I will need a few days with my own horses, undisturbed. 🥰


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